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Single Female Blueback Gouldian Finch


Gouldian Finches are arguably the most beautiful finch in the world. Many people call them Rainbow Finches because their feathers seem to have all of the colors of the rainbow. Other birds seem to have colors that flow or bleed into each others, but Gouldian Finches have such distinct and colorful sections with their feathers.   They usually live anywhere up to ten years, and make great companions for other birds and for people. They are social and will sing and dance with each other and with you.



This is a Single Blueback Gouldian Finch.

We recommend at least an 18 in square cage for these birds. We also recommend feeding them Roudy Bush Nibles.

**Please be mindful that these beautiful pictures are of our birds whose colors may or may not fully matured. They are representative of the Gouldian category, and not pictures of the specific FlyBaby that you are purchasing.