About Fly Babies Aviary Canaries, Gouldian Finches, Parrotlets

About Fly Babies Aviary

Our Fly Babies Story

How did we start Flybabies? Well, we had a large ornamental cage that wasn’t meant to have birds in it. A friend of ours saw it and thought it looked rather silly without a bird. So, she bought us a finch. Then, she claimed that the finch looked lonely and acquired a female finch to keep him company. Before we knew it, we had finches everywhere chirping and flying out of the bars into our room.  We fell in love with the life these birds brought into our home and continued bringing in the joy from these Gouldian Finches, which then led to Parrotlets and Canaries.

We started researching breeding and started with Gouldian Finches. They are some of the most difficult to master. From there, Linda saw a little blue Parrotlet and knew she had to have one. We bought it from a breeder, started immediately working with Parrotlets, too. Canaries were a logical next step since we started getting requests for them.

Most people will wonder why we didn’t just stop once we were able to get others to take some of the finches. When we started seeing all of the vibrant colors that came from these two birds, and then continued to come from all of the other birds, we were just hooked. We knew we wanted to see more and more of the beauty God had waiting for us in this venture.

So, here we are – Fly Babies Aviary.

Single Male Yellow Parrotlet

Why Fly Babies Aviary?

Fly Babies has years of experience in breeding, raising, handfeeding and taming Gouldian Finches, Parrotlets and Canaries, which are the types birds we sell.  We impart these qualities to our birds, and they develop them in us:  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, dedication, and self-control. Our customers are thrilled about their birds. They say Fly Babies’ birds are some of the very best quality and most beautiful they have ever experienced.  Fly Babies LOVES getting letters and pictures from our happy customers.

Pocket parrots (parrotlets) are given affectionate hand feeding and are trained to be loving and gentle.  Those of us here at Fly Babies have become known as the “Bird Whisperers.”  We are excited about the care of our birds and we encourage each Fly Babies owner to also become a bird whisperer.

Our customers are joyful about their singing canaries and many write about the vibrant beauty and strength of their new rainbow finches (Gouldians).

Fly Babies’ customers are customers for life because once they experience the level of care with which we nurture our birds from us to you, they don’t want to go anywhere else. We are extremely happy that our customers recommend their friends to us upon seeing these birds. We do much of our business through referrals and word of mouth. Once you see these birds, you will feel you must have your own so you can experience the same joy.