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Red Factor African Grey Parrots – Proven Pair


The African grey parrot’s ability to talk and mimic sounds makes this medium-sized parrot a captivating companion. African grey owners often report that their greys oftentimes talk in context and seem very attuned to their people’s emotions. The African grey parrot is not just a top talker — this bird is also known for its extreme intelligence, which gives them the moniker “The Einsteins of the Bird World.”


This is a Proven Pair of African Grey Parrots.

We recommend at least an 18 in square cage for these birds. We also recommend feeding them RoudyBush Nibles.

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Proven pair of African Grey Parrots. Produced two clutches last year with two babies in each clutch. Would not normally sell because they’re good producers. Have eggs….But must move now.