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Proven Pair of Red Lored Amazon Parrots


Amazon parrots are among the more popular medium-sized parrot species, which might have something to do with their gregarious personalities. They are often described as boisterous, playful, and outgoing — some even like to sing.


This is a Pair of Red Lored Parrots.

We recommend at least an 18 in square cage for these birds. We also recommend feeding them RoudyBush Nibles.

Please take a moment to read our Parrotlet Guarantee.

**Please be mindful that these beautiful pictures are of our birds whose colors that may or may not have fully matured. They are representative of the Parrotlet category, and not pictures of the specific FlyBaby that you are purchasing.

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Proven Pair of Red Lored Amazon Parrots. They are young and healthy and produce two clutches a year. Pairs live up to 80 years. The Red Lord Amazons are one of the most popular and interesting pet parrots. They are affectionate, social and very intelligent birds, and will not hesitate to show off their newly learned tricks and mimics.