Gouldian Finch


Terms of Service & Shipping Policy. Much of the information published with permission from Sean Ira.

Refresh this web page for the most current publication of the guarantee.  For a printed of this guarantee please print this full page.

Agreement between Fly Babies aka Fly Babies Aviary and the Person Responsible for Buying the Finch.

Health: All finches have a live delivery guarantee only.

General Terms: We do not pay for or reimburse any vet visit, office visit or any medical charges. We only guarantee you the replacement of the bird. We do not offer any cash or credit card refunds for any reason. If the doctor recommends that you return the bird you will need to immediately contact us so we can give you instructions.  Although we have not had this happen, if it ever does, we need to know about it so we can take appropriate actions to further protect those in our aviary.  We will replace your bird if the certified veterinarian determines the bird has an untreatable, life-threatening disease, and we will need your vet to send his office visit and laboratory findings to us so we may discuss them with our vet.  Failure to do so will result in this guarantee being void. If the bird is determined to have a life-threatening illness on its initial visit in the first 48 hours, you will then be offered a credit for the full price that you paid (not including shipping fees) per our policy. If your veterinary office suggests charging for euthanizing your little one, we recommend letting the bird pass away from natural causes. If we do not have a bird available at the time, you will go on the top of our waiting list and will automatically be contacted as soon as a replacement is available. The wait could be a quick as one week or take as long as 90 days or longer, if the color is rarer. If you choose to keep the bird and have it treated the guarantee is void since it is no longer under our control, and you will be responsible for all medical costs. The below question and answers section of this guarantee is part of the guarantee terms and we recommend you read the section in full.

All finches have a live delivery guarantee only.

We put a lot of effort into providing you with a pet that will live a very long life span.

Hereditary Issues: Hereditary issues are covered only within the scope of visually being detected by a certified bird-avian veterinarian examination within 48 hours of buyer taking possession of the bird and follow the conditions and terms set in this guarantee. Hereditary issues detected at any other time in the future are not covered as the purchase is considered as is. (unless it results in death – then your 1 year coverage listed above will take effect). If we do not have a bird available at the time, you will go on the top of our waiting list and will automatically be contacted as soon as a replacement is available. The wait could be a quick as one week or take as long as 90 days or longer. If you choose to keep the bird and have it treated this guarantee is void and you will be responsible for all medical costs.

Laboratory Tests: Any laboratory test or blood work your vet may decide to do, must be performed within the first 48-hour period for the guarantee to be valid. Fly Babies understands that the results of these tests may not be available until after the 48-hour period. However, as long as the tests have been performed within the 48-hour window, the guarantee will be honored. Any lab work or tests results must be reported to Fly Babies (if you like you can contact us using the Contact Us link above) within 7 days of receiving the bird. The test results from your vet should take no longer than 3 to 4 days at the very most from the date performed.

Male or Female Finch (sex of bird): Depending on the kind of bird you are getting – many of our birds are sexually dimorphic (males and females are visually distinct). This means that the sex of the bird can be determined by visual observation by just looking at the bird. We will do our best to choose the right sex.  If your ABPV-certified vet indicates on this bird’s initial visit we have chosen the wrong sex for that bird and he/she by DNA testing correctly determines the sex different than what we indicated, he/she will need to document on letterhead with contact information her/his findings.  You will receive a 100% credit for that particular bird applied to your replacement finch order.

Through healthy breeding and feeding, we have increased the number of birds in each clutch, so we are able to offer them at a more affordable price. As the bird raising business has grown, there is less time to spend on photography due to more time spent with the birds. Therefore, we reserve the right to send a like but not exact bird, as seen in our example photographs. We will always choose for you the very best and sweetest we have available.


Our Health Guarantee starts when you take possession of the bird. (The below question and answers section is part of the guarantee terms )

Question – Why is this such a limited guarantee with no refunds offered?

Answer – As with any living animal, fear, loss of appetite, lack of sleep, lack of food or water, chilling, heat prostration and or other forms of stress can make a bird quickly susceptible to illness or death. These things can potentially cause diarrhea, respiratory infection, and a variety of other illnesses. Exposure to other birds, cigarette smoke or other toxins can rapidly deteriorate a bird’s health. After the bird leaves our care we have no control over these things. That is why our guarantee is limited and only extends to (48 hours) unless checked by a certified bird-avian veterinarian. If your bird is checked by a vet within 48 hours we then give you a 1 year 25% replacement guarantee. Most breeders and most pet stores offer no guarantee at all on livestock. As-is or no guarantee is the normal, A 1 year 25% replacement policy is unheard of in this business. We offer this limited guarantee because we are proud of the health and care we give each of our finches. We feed the highest quality feed, seed and fine pellet food. The parents are supplied with multi vitamins and calcium at all times. Each breeder bird must pass strict standards before being entered into the breeding program. It is important for you to know that a totally 100% healthy bird at the time of purchase can get ill or even die within just a few hours. Birds are one of the most fragile animals on the planet. They can catch a cold or the flu as easy as a human can and in some cases even easier. Something as simple as leaving the window down on the way home from picking up your baby can cause it to catch a cold or cause a stress issue that result in the bird getting ill. These things are out of our control. Catching a cold on top of the already stressful condition of travel in some cases along with temperature changes taking place rapidly can be deadly. Also a bird that goes without eating or drinking for just one day can die. Birds have one of the quickest metabolisms of any animal. It is almost impossible to guarantee a bird once it has left our care because we have no control over its care from that moment forward. Something as simple as cooking dinner for your family can result in a healthy bird getting sick quickly. Its called Teflon toxicity. (See Info Below) This along with many other reasons is exactly why most bird breeders and pet stores offer an AS IS no health guarantee policy on all birds and live stock. Because of these and other issues we are only able to offer our very limited guarantee, provided the bird is seen by a certified bird-avian veterinarian who certifies the baby was sick at the time of purchase. If your baby is being shipped it can be stressful. However each baby handles things differently and because of this we do not consider a slight growth of Gram-negative bacteria post-shipping to be disease but recognize that this is a stress-related reaction to being shipped. Gram-negative bacteria is something that is found in every bird from time to time and only becomes an issue when levels are high. As of the date this guarantee is being updated we have never had any issues with gram-negative bacteria in any of our finches or adult breeders. We are very proud of this fact.

Question – What about shipping, Do you cover the shipping cost if a replacement bird needs to be sent?

Answer – No. Replacement shipping is $139 per bird.

Question – If the bird had an illness that resulted in death, would you require the dead bird to be returned?

Answer – Yes. To date, this has never happened, however, if it ever does, contact us immediately. We take health concerns very seriously and we would reserve the right to have an autopsy done as quickly as possible to make sure that the bird’s illness was not something that could cause any of our other bird’s illness or harm. Autopsy reports can save the lives of other birds.

Question – How do I get a copy of this guarantee?

Answer – Our guarantee may change or be updated at anytime. We supply all customers with access to this online (current copy only). We recommend that you print a copy of this guarantee page on the day that you take possession of your new bird. You may also want to email a copy of this page to yourself as a backup copy. – Remember that even the question and answer section on this page is part of your guarantee.

Question – Prior to shipping or pick up can I switch birds, change my mind and pick a different bird or even substitute for another bird.

Answer – Yes depending on the availability. We also reserve the right to substitute a bird if needed due to any health issues or concerns. If you (the customer) wishes to switch your bird for another bird we have available prior to shipping or pick up you will be required to pay any difference in the cost amount. However if you chose to substitute for a bird of lesser value you will not receive any refunds for the difference. Our policy is that the birds and the sale are not transferable. However, we will work with you to make sure you receive the bird you want. We want our finch going to homes with excited new owners and for the relationship to last the lifetime of the bird.

Additional Guarantee Terms & Notes:

  1. We will work with you. We do stand behind each baby bird and will follow the guarantee policies as outlined.
  2. At any place in this guarantee we use the word baby or babies, we are talking about a baby bird, a young bird or adult bird. This guarantee covers any bird we sell – baby or adult.

Teflon toxicity: Birds are susceptible to a respiratory condition called “Teflon toxicity” or “PTFE poisoning/toxicosis.” Deaths can result from this condition, which is due to the noxious fumes emitted from overheated cookware coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). This chemical is found on most non-stick cookware and appliances, some stain repellant products, and other household items. (PTFE) intoxication, is a rapid and lethal gaseous intoxication of all species of birds. We strongly recommend you research PTFE online for more information.

Influenza:  If you have the flu, please do not interact with you bird and wear a mask and gloves when feeding or cleaning the cage. Our veterinarian said that you can make your birds sick if you interact with them when you have the flu.

Air Contaminants:  Smoking, air fresheners, and some colognes can prove toxic.  Search the internet to discover which foods, plants and conditions can be toxic to birds.  Keeping their cages clean and be aware of any odors, especially in cleaning products.  Consider changing to all natural cleaning products, i.e., unpasteurized vinegar and water, baking soda, soap and water.

Bird Care, Important Information:  Many web sites online offer free information about the care of birds. We recommend you search such sites to learn all that you can for the health and safety of your new bird. We must assume that all buyers know how to properly care for a bird, so please study the literature you find. If you need help or care information, please let us know.

Additional Terms: This guarantee is to follow all rules and laws of Hillsborough County Florida. Any mediation or court actions must take place in or through Hillsborough County Courts or Hillsborough County Florida Services. If any part of this guarantee is judged as not legal or binding, the rest of the guarantee will still be in full force and effect. You agree by purchase to the terms of this guarantee. Buyer also understands and agrees that Fly Babies or its owners at no time can be held responsible for any more money other than the amount that was paid for the bird, as we do not cover any shipping, medical or legal costs. You understand that we do not offer refunds and only offer a credit that can be used to purchase a replacement bird from us providing the terms of the guarantee are within the limits set and honored. You will be able to use up to your credit amount for the purchase of another bird from us. If you chose a bird of lesser value any remaining credits will be lost as they have no cash value at all. Guarantee credits can not be used to pay for any other products or services including shipping or delivery costs. Buyer also agrees that if a Florida Court or mediation service were to rule any monies due to the buyer the total amount would not exceed the full price that was paid for the bird not including shipping.